Wednesday, October 13, 2010

S, a the best the best for me.

hye ;/
hm hm, i dnt know what i've done to you. honestly, i really really miss you so much. she had to leave me, cause a little bit problem ); susah sekali nak jumpa org mcm you, you mmg baik, caring, and jaga betol betol relationship kita dulu. hmm. you menyesal coup dgn i, maybe i banyak buat msalah kat you. yes! i have to let you go, BUT i dowantttt. You force me to let you go, okay go on baby. this is the best way for you.

hm hm, I'dnt know why i'm crying badly when i type this );
and and i dn't know, why everyday and everynight, i still waiting you.
i nak sgt sgt teman you.
teman you bila you bosan.
teman you sebelum you tidur.
teman you balik keje semua.

but now! im alone, and i know you alone too.