Tuesday, December 7, 2010

rendu );

oh rendu nya kat you );
susah betul nak lupa you kan?
even benda ni dah lama berlalu.
everyday i'm crying cause thinking bout you.
i sayang you ;')
nanti if you dah lupa kat i,
i nak you ingat i betul betul syg you.
i tggu you sorang jea ;/
tak ade org lain dah.
i nak you tahu i sentiasa rendu you even you tak rendu i.
i nak you tahu, i masih care pasal you even you senyap.
i still simpan lg text kita dulu ;')
hee sgt comel text you, terharu i baca balik.
tapi tapi kan tu semua dulu.
you simpan lg tak text i?
mesti dah delete kan?
okay tak apa, i tak amik hati pon ;')
i pon tak tahu sampai bila i nak tggu you kan, even you tak perlu i );
you must know, i just have you!
you're my only one.
no one can take ur place sayangg ;)
why did you go? Am i not good enough for you sayang?
tell me the true.
you promised me not to let me go, But? Erghh -,-
You know that? I can't forget you, Never!
You're the best thing i ever had ):
I'm sorry if i a've done wrong to you sayang ;/
i can't be perfect for you.
i can't be what you want,
sorry once again.
i want you know, i'm not happy without you.
i'm alone.
Sincere sha ♥