Thursday, September 30, 2010

fake face* shocking!

errg =,=
and that is soo not good news );
thanks god i didn't wrote antything freaky, or something
can make my mom "TOKOJOT"
haha ;D
how did i managed to know?
she told me and asked why did i wrote that?
and my mind was like, arghh!
i must she read it! -,-
argh nevermind ;)
seriously, you'ill be shocked if you know your mom reading you blog.
especially the emotions post.
gosh! how did she know my url anyway?
i wanna die! haha ;D
okay, that's enough.
let's talk bout something else.
hm hm hm,
I'm super duper hungry -,-
i need to eat.
byee bloggie, mwah mwah.